Hallo dear brothers and sisters in Christ, friends of Love of the God Ministries International. A warm welcome to our Web Site. May the Love of God always increase in your hearts, so it flows out into a hurting world.

Some Introductions, what we do in different countries:

Here is also a presentation movie what we do around the world:

Who we are: An Interdenominational Ministry with Integrity, serving the Lord Jesus Christ Spiritual

Covering: Member of KingsWay Fellowship International in Des Moines, USA.

Sent out: by Leben in Christus Gemeinde in Gmunden-Austria-Sending Church in Austria

Member of the Globallifealliance , USA

Our Vision and Work:

  1. Worldwide Evangelism to bring the harvest of People in the Kingdom of God. Luke 10:2, Mark 16:15-18
  2. Bible teachings in Churches of different subjects from the word of God,prayers for healing and deliverance. Sometimes a leadership training. Teachings about our Identity in Christ, Inner healing; Luke 4:17, 2 Cor 3:17, Eph. 4:11, Heb 6:1-2
  3. Prophetic meeting as God leads.

We had some exiting times laying behind us, the year 2017 is over and a lot of good and amazing things like wonders happens also in the last years. All that is only possible with gods grace and power and your support, and we give all the glory back to our lord and savior “Jesus Christ”, Jeshua Hamashiach! We love you lord, and this is all for you. We give it all for you and we want to run the run till the end when we receive the crown of victory.

Last year our bible sponsoring was a full success and we (me Roland and our team) want to thank you all from the deepest depths of our hearts for your amazing support in this area, for your open hearts, your open wallets and your open mind for give from all of your heart. The lord loves a giver with a humble and happy heart, when he gives. So you all are a example of this kind of giver.

We will not stop here or lay us back, but we will fully expanding, stretching and let growing the kingdom of heaven, here and earth as it is his will till the end comes. We have incredible times and seasons before us and we are about to come in a phase where we will see much more miracles happening as we have never seen before, we will heal the sick, make the blind to see, raise the dead and make his kingdom come, as in heaven so on earth. Let his will be done.

Prayer Houses-Prayer Groups from LOGMI:

Information’s will be added soon

Partner Churches and Ministries-Prayer Groups from LOGMI:

More Info will be added soon

Co Workers:

Elke Fritsch, Germany

Tabea Katzenmaier, Luedenscheid, Germany

Ulrich Haug, Munich, Germany

Tabi Gangmei, New Delhi, India

Romeo Jaka R, Indonesia

Michael Rhoads-USA

and some more people..

Sincerely yours, Rev. Roland Bartl, Founder and Senior Pastor of “Love of God Ministries International”

Be blessed dear sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ