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I wrote a book, called "Faith Walk", and it is available right now in English, on

It is a very interesting Testimony, where I lived, ministered and walked 100% by faith in the Middle East and in Europe, about a length of 12 month. YHWE God did many unusual miracles in this time of my life. You can download a few pages of my book, down page. The book contains 55 pages A5 with Photos. Many Christian said that they became spiritually very uplifted, when they read my book. If you are interested to buy it, you can get right now the English Version for 7.15 US Dollars in e-book form from here:, or order it from me, than you need to add the sending costs to the price.

The German Version is soon available in, or you can order a hard copy also from me, right now. If you order a hard copy from me, the German Version will cost 7.50 Euros, plus shipping costs. And for the English Version in USA: 8 US Dollars plus Shipping Costs.

Very soon, you will be able to order hard copies from the Amazon Site

For Americans (e book)                      7.15 US Dollars

In Europe it costs (e book)                  6.84 Euros

In Malaysia (hard copy)                     15 RM plus shipping costs

If you want a hard-copy of the book from my ministry to send to you, please write to me a e mail:

Thank you. God bless you!

Wenn ihr eine Kopie des Buches wollt, dann schickt euch mein Dienst eine Kopie zu. Das Buch kostet dann 7.50 Euros plus Versand Kosten.

In diesem Fall schickt mir bitte eine E-Mail.

Vielen Dank. Gott segne euch!

Si quieren  una Copia del libro en papeles, yo vendo por 8.00 Dólares Estados Unidos con los costos del envió con correo. En este caso, por favor escriben me un correo electrónico

Gracias, Dios bendiga ustedes!


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To download some pages in 3 Formats:


In a secret place in my heart

In a secret place in my heart

Introduction& Recommendation

Introduction & Recommendation

Introduction &Recommendation

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem