Prophetic Testimonies

Here are some special prophetic events, which I experienced, with YHWE, our  God:

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Zairian National Church-Africa  1991

1. In the year 1991, when I was on the Mission field in Zaire Africa, I stayed mainly in the city, Kananga with a Zairian National church in the house of the main Pastor, Kena Kalubi. I was a baby-christian, only 6 month saved and wanted to learn how to preach and be led by the Holy Spirit. God answered my desire and started to talk with me in Visions and by hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
So one of these days, in my praying time, I strongly felt, that the Holy Spirit wanted me to go out of the City. I did not know where, so I jumped on a train and as I traveled out of the city, I knew in my spirit, that this was the wrong directions. I left the train in a small village and God told me to go some meters behind. There I met the Willie Branham church, a Christian church, which i never heard before, but they do have some false doctrines. I stayed the night with them, and then went back to Kananga. There I prayed again and I saw a Vision, with a name called “Demba”. As I looked in my map, I found a village Demba about 60 km away from Kananga. I knew, God wanted me to go there. So I rented a small motorcycle, and with a brother from our church I went two days thru the jungle until we reached Demba. Immediately I was invited to preach in Baptist church, and I ministered the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to them. Than another “spirit filled church” invited us, and I stayed again in the Pastors house. My friend went back the next day with the motorcycle. The following days, the people brought all the sick to our house, cripples, blind eyes, aids,… and whatever and I prayed for them, and some became healed. Than I was invited to hold a seminar in a school and we invited all the pastors from this village, I mean there were only 1000 peoples. I preached for 3 days, about mainly the Holy Spirit. During one of these days, when I was preaching, a crazy, demon possessed man passed and immediately God spoke to me and said: ” I want you to take care about him”! Wauhhh, I thought, was this really God? Again the Holy Spirit spoke to me and confirmed it.
Right after my preaching I and three young men from church looked for this crazy man, and we found him with a big knife in his hands and dressed with a destroyed woman’s dress. Out of a reflex, I jumped to him, shouted as lion, and he let fall down the knife, which I kicked away. This man could not speak properly anymore, was completely crazy and demon possessed, and we had to tight him up on a tree in the garden of the Pastors house, because he was in danger to get killed. So I could finish the seminar and also we held a small evangelistic in this village. The power of God was present and people became healed, delivered and saved.
After a prayer for the child of the police chief officer, which had Malaria and got healed immediately, I was able to ask him the favor to bring our crazy friend back to Kananga with two of his police officers. After being two weeks in the village, I finally also went back with a train.
Back in the house of Kena Kalubi, the police brought the crazy young man straight in our house. Kena and I started to pray for him about 45 minutes, and we cast out many demons out of him. The room, which we were in was charged up with the power of God. Wauhh, this was incredible!
The same day, this young man, his name was Emma, became healed about 70 %. He just could not speak properly, but was not crazy anymore. That was a amazing miracle.
We let Emma stay in our house for the next 3 month, and every evening, before I went to bed, I laid my hands on him and continued to pray for his healing. Every week he became better, Jesus healed his brain and he could speak again and told me his story, how he became so destroyed by Satan doing witchcraft.
All together, it took 3 month, and he was completely restored. Praise God for doing this.
So….after thinking over it,………. because I could hear the Voice of God and saw the Vision, God could use me to save the life of Emma and even restore his health.
Glory to YHWE-God

2. One day I was preaching in a small village 100 km away from Kananga, I also baptized there some people who got saved. I stayed 4 days. The 4th day in the evening I prayed and Jesus showed me in a vision: a small airplane; landing. He said to me: “ tomorrow 11 am, I want to bless you”. The next morning a small sports-plane came, landed in the not-paved village street, I talked with the Pilot, who was a christian, and I flew with him back to Kananga. Blessings of Jesus

3. When there was almost civil war in Zaire, and I had prayed for three weeks to Jesus to get me back to Europe, even Jesus had told me, there would be no war. Still I had asked him to take me back to Europe from Kananga, but HIS way, not the regular way. After weeks of reminding Jesus about my desire, finally thru the Holy Spirit Jesus told me one morning: “ Go at 2.30 pm to the airport”. I went and Jesus brought a man at the airport to me, who spoke English. He asked me:” do you want to leave Zaire”? I said, “Yes”. He mentioned to me, that after a half hour, would be a military airplane from the Presidents Army arriving, and I can fly with them to Kinshasa, the capitol of Zaire. (a 1500 km flight). The plane came, the man talked with the pilot, and I flew between the soldiers to Kinshasa. Arrived, I could enter a plane from Belgium, Europe, which were standing around to fly people to Brazzaville Kongo. So I arrived in Brazzaville. There was a evacuation station from Belgium, where they flew people to other countries, but this flight they had to pay.

I went into the dessert, one km away, and asked Father-God, what should I do. The first day I prayed, I heard no answer. The second day I went again in the dessert place to  pray. I felt similiar as the prophet Elia in the bible. Again I did not hear a answer. The third day, I got frustrated, I went to the Russian embassy, thinking I fly with the cheap airline Aeroflot to Europe and I pay my money. Almost arrived, I thought into myself:” Jesus had brought me so far, and he can do any miracle, He can also get me out of Africa with a miracle. So, I went back the same day into the dessert again and prayed frustrated and very earnestly. I asked: ” Father-God, what should I do now”? Than suddenly He answered me from heaven and said:” fly with Sabena airline to Brussels”. Immediately I answered God: ” No way, they want 1000 US Dollars from me”. Father God answered me again:” You will pay nothing”! This was a clear answer.

I went back to the evacuation station, asked the attending lady to put me on a plane to Brussels. She said:” You know, you have to pay this flight”. I said, :” OK”. Suddenly, influenced by the Holy Spirit, she said:” You can pay the flight later”. This was God doing  for me. She wrote down all my passport details, address in Germany, and put me on a plane to Brussels. I arrived, took the train to Germany, and until today there is no bill coming from the airline. So God made his word truth:” You will pay nothing. I paid nothing. Jesus is clear in the bible, Mathew 19:26  “All things are possible with God”. And it works, if we believe it.

Praise God.

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Aquí están algunos acontecimientos proféticos especiales, que experimenté con el Espíritu de Dios:
En el año 1991, cuando estuve en el campo de Misión en Zaire, Africa que permanecí principalmente en la ciudad, Kananga con una Zairian iglesia Nacional en casa del principal Pastor, Kena Kalubi. Fui un joven cristiano, sólo 6 mes salvado y quiso aprender cómo predicar y ser dirigido por el Espíritu Santo. Dios contestó que mi deseo y comenzó a hablar conmigo en Visiones y oyendo su Voz del Espíritu Santo. Tan un día de éstos, en mi tiempo que ora, sentía totalmente, que el Espíritu Santo me deseó que saliera de la Ciudad. Yo no supe donde, así que salté en un tren y como viaje fuera de la ciudad, yo supe en mi espíritu, que esto fue las direcciones equivocadas. Dejé el tren en una pequeña aldea y Dios me dijo ir algunos metros atrás. Allí encontré la iglesia de Willi Branham, una iglesia cristiana, que yo nunca oí antes, pero ellos tienen algunas doctrinas falsas. Permanecí la noche con ellos, y entonces volví a Kananga. Allí oré otra vez y yo vi una Visión, con un nombre llamó “Demba”.
Como miré en mi mapa, yo encontré una aldea Demba aproximadamente 60 km lejos de Kananga. Supe, Dios me deseó que fuera allí. Tan alquilé una pequeña motocicleta, y con un hermano de nuestra iglesia yo fui dos días por la selva hasta que alcanzáramos Demba. Inmediatamente fui invitado a predicar en la iglesia Bautista, y yo ministre el Bautismo del Espíritu Santo a ellos. Que otro iglesia nos invitó, y permanecí otra vez en los Pastores alberga. Mi amigo volvió al día siguiente con la motocicleta.
Los días siguientes, las personas trajeron todo el enfermo a nuestra casa, los lisiados, ojos ciegos, sida… y cualquier y oré para ellos, y algunos llegaron a ser curados. Que fui invitado a tener un seminario en una escuela y nosotros invitamos a todos los pastores de esta aldea, yo significo que había sólo 1000 personas en el pueblo. Prediqué durante 3 días, acerca del Espíritu Santo. Durante un día de éstos, cuando predicaba, un loco, el demonio poseyó a hombre pasó e inmediatamente Dios habló conmigo y dijo: ¡”Deseo que usted tome cuidado acerca de él”! ¿Wauhhh, yo pensé, fue esto realmente Dios? Otra vez el Espíritu Santo habló conmigo y confirmó lo. Justo después de mi predicar yo y tres jóvenes de la iglesia buscáramos a este hombre loco, y nosotros lo encontramos que con un cuchillo grande en las manos y vestimos con un destruyó el vestido de mujer. Fuera de un reflejo, yo salté a él y él permitió caerse el cuchillo, que pateé lejos. Este hombre no podría hablar apropiadamente ya, y tuvimos que a apretado él a un árbol en el jardín de los Pastores alberga, porque él corrió peligro para ser matado. Tan podría terminar el seminario y también nosotros tuvimos una pequeña cruzada en esta aldea. El poder de Dios fue presente y las personas llegaron a ser curaron, entregaron y salvados. Después de una oración para el niño de la policía oficial principal, que tuvo Malaria y fue curado inmediatamente, pude preguntarlo que el nosh ice el favor para traer a nuestro amigo loco a Kananga con dos de sus policías. Después de que he estado dos semanas en la aldea, yo por último también volví con un tren a Kananga. Atrás en casa de Kena Kalubi, la policía trajo al joven loco derecho en nuestra casa. Kena y yo comenzaron a orar para él aproximadamente 45 minutos, y nosotros arrojan a muchos demonios fuera de él. La habitación, que estuvimos estaba cargada con el poder de Dios. ¡Wauhh, esto fue increíble! El mismo día, este joven, su nombre fue Emma, llegó a ser curado aproximadamente 70 %. El justo no podría hablar apropiadamente, pero no estuvo loco ya. Eso fue un milagro asombroso. Permitimos estancia de Emma en nuestra casa para el próximo 3 meses, y todas las noches, antes que yo me acostara, yo continué orar para su curación. Cada semana que él llegó a ser mejor, Jesús curó el cerebro y él podría hablar otra vez y me dijo su historia, cómo él llegó a ser tan destruido por la brujería de hacer de Satanás. Todo junto, tomó 3 mes, y él fue restaurado completamente.
Alabe a Dios para hacer esto.
Tan. …after que pensando bien, ………. porque podría oír que la Voz de Dios y vi la Visión, Dios me podría utilizar para guardar la vida de Emma e incluso restaurar su salud.
La gloria a YHWE-DIOS