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Older Events:


-April-May: Other services in China-Hong Kong, even if Jesus “give green light”, still hold a seminar in South Korea, then the last 3 weeks of my Asia stay go to Tokyo and Fuji-Fujisan, Japan, to again 2 churches  until I am landing on 18 May in the Netherlands.


-21 May: Preaching and healing service in the Immanuel church, Zoetermeer, Holland


-25-28 May: Visit the Kingsway Fellowship International Conference in Belgium


-9-12 June visit the Prayerhouse Kingdomimpact in germany and do a Preaching and presentation of our ministry


-17 June preaching in the Leben in christus Gemeinde, Gmunden, Austria


-25 June preaching in the Zion Gemeinde, Munich, Germany



-than slowly travel back to Holland, and fly with my team middle July-departure from Amsterdam to Uganda for holding Pastors Seminars and a Village-Crusade


– July 27-1 August; hold a bigger Crusade with pastor’s seminar with Pastor Livingstone from Dar Es Salam, Tanzania..


Than travel back to Uganda, and fly back to Holland.


-than; ministries in Spain. Europe needs help; so many Muslims are there now.




-Pakistan Crusade-Lahore:  11-14 March 2016, together with the Full Gospel for all Nations Ministries

-Ministries in Seoul, and Busan, South Korea-January 2016

-Ministries in Malaysia-Orang Aslis und Pangkor Island-January 2016


– Ministries in Shenzhen, China – December 2015


Ø Netherlands-Zoetermeer: Sunday June 15.06.2014.I will preach in the Immanuel church with PastorNoes Lokollo.

Ø    In my Europe visit I will also minister in my home church, Leben in Christus Gemeinde in Gmunden with Pastor   Gottfried und Brigitte Ohler. I will visit Norway as well from the 17 June on and will preach. Than go to Germany, see family and friends and after, some churches and ministries in Spain.

Ø  I will spend in  Europe about 2.5 month for ministration and visitations.

Ø   Afterwards I have to visit and preach in USA and visit the Kingsway Fellowship International World Convention in Des Moines, Iowa from 6-9 October.